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(FREE) Rhythm - 2 VSTi v2.21

Photo Rhythm - 2 is created on base of the legend soviet synthesizer Ritm - 2

The plug-in contains:
  • Modulator section.
  • Generator section.
  • Filter section.
  • Delay section.
  • Clipper section.
  • Amp section.
  • Global section.
  • Photo Ritm - 2. Made by Kirovsky musical instruments' factory in 1984) The EMI Ritm 2 is an one-voice keyboard synthesizer designed for solo, ensembles and orchestral playing musical compositions of any genre. It can be used both for educational needs and creating different musical effects. This synthesizer can be used with an acoustic amplifier which has a response of 0,775. There is a possibility to use a low frequency amplifier such as radio receiver, TV and tape recorder. The quality of the sounding depends on an acoustic amplifier.The synthesizer Ritm-2 can play soundings of the other classical instruments (keyboard, strings, reed and percussion instruments). It is intended for creating some specific sounds (wind, noise of surf, train, gun and whine). Using this instrument one can play some compositins with a random pitch and a timbre.