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Bass Booster VST v1.2


Bass Booster VST is revolutionary plugin that enriches bass with creation of new harmonics using algorythm based on unique new psychoacoustic algorythm: crossmodulation of harmonic operators and imposition of new frequiencies. Plugin creates effect of intellectual boosting of bass in terms of Intellectual Information Technology (IIT)

Development of this plugin was inspired also by psychoacoustics research of Shleenkin Alexandr and russian works on mathematical physics. This plugin is designed to bring warm and phat sound to modern digital music. With help of it you can create necessary amount of bass harmonics to drumloops, kicks, bass guitar, boring digital synth bass or even to final mix.

Creation of new harmonics without using eqalisation is a main sense of this plugin. Its good to use it in dance, techno, dubstep, electronica, drum n bass, big beat, dub, reggae and all other styles that need powerful bass. Harmonic operators section define psychoacustic effect of bass. Operators modulate each other in a special way that open a venue to experiment and possibility to achieve bass sound that you want. LFO section was designed specialy for Dubstep genre but can be used in other styles too of course. With help of this section you can control pulsation of harmonics with temp syncing or manually. Put this plugin at insert to some boring digitall bass line and assign rate, depth, cutoff knobs to midi controllers to create it floating, pulsating Dubstep Base sound. To assign controller to knob make a right click of the mouse on virtuall controller and you will see pop-up menu where you can choose controller. It also contains switchable tube emulation and 8 bit section to create new effects usable in modern electronic music. Tube effect make sound warmer in a way it happens in circuit of tube amplifier. Main trick for 8 bit is that you can create chiptune sound at high and middle section but still has good bass at low frequency. Cutoff section define what type of harmonics will be created and added to mix. It also can be used to create dj kind of effects in realtime. Level section contains gain to control the volume and limiter that you can tune for your needs.

License: We provide customers personal signed copy of BassBooster VST. Your name will be written at plugin, This plugin is licensed for one person only, you have no rights to share this plugin with other people. We want to protect our intellectual property that we sell for affordable price. Thank you for understanding.
This plugin is created by SYNCERSOFT & SOFTRAVE (c) (p) 2010
Programming - Shlejonkin Alexander, Design, additional concept - Dmitry Tikov, BassBoost girl drawing - Valery Turilov

The plug-in contains:
  • Macter section.
  • Harmonic section.
  • LFO section.
  • Master section.
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